So Who Are We?

About Us, Slowbru
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” – anonymous
We are Kate and Gary, two Capetonian millennials who lived a rather conventional life…until we decided not to anymore. 
We had both spent a good portion of our twenties earning a few degrees to hang on the wall. We both worked the usual nine to five and newly engaged we were about to venture down the road of house hunting for a larger home, filling it with kids and settling in to spend the next ten years paying off the mortgage bond. Standing in one of these homes, we found ourselves contemplating an offer to purchase and trying to imagine the kitchen renovations or which colour palate would work best in the living room. A sudden moment of panic swept over us followed swiftly by a moment of absolute clarity, turning quickly to each other and saying “let’s get the hell out of here”. We didn’t just mean getting out of that house and away from a rather persistent estate agent determined on banking her commission. Rather, it was the sort of “let’s get the passports out of the safe, pack up our lives and hit the road”.
One year later we were heading for Mozambique on a travel sabbatical that would see us overlanding 35,000km through Southern and East Africa. 
As our blog name suggests, our travel philosophy is “take it slowly, take it all in, take something away from it”. Seeing the world, discovering different cultures and overindulging in local cuisine are just a few aspects of our journey. Taking things slowly also allows us to become familiar with each country that we visit, the people, the environment and the challenges faced. This in turn allows for our own personal growth and development as our perspective changes with each new experience.
This site is a documentation of our sabbatical journey. From travel journals offering insight into our own experiences to specific articles on destinations, activities and travel tips. Our hope is that you find the content useful and inspiring. At present, our own travel sabbatical continues on an adventure backpacking through South America…we hope to see you on the road.