Suzuki Jimny Accessories: Bulletproof a Jimny for Africa

Jimny Modifications
While there is no denying that the stock standard Jimny is a fantastic 4×4 vehicle, here are a few ideas for Jimny modifications and accessories that will give both you and your vehicle the edge when venturing out onto tougher terrain:
  1. 40/50mm suspension lift kit to increase ground clearance and weight bearing capacity.
  2. Under body protection – transfer case and radial cup protectors.
  3. All terrain tyres.
  4. Roof rack adapted to hold water tanker, gas bottle and petrol jerry cans.
  5. Window smash and grab with deep tint to deter a break-in and offer sun protection.
  6. Remove back seats and install a flat-bottom to maximise storage space.
  7. Seat covers to prevent wear & tear.
  8. Dashboard cover for storing maps and at-hand essentials.
  9. Snorkel (just because you can)

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