How Much Gear Can You Fit Into a Suzuki Jimny?

Packing Jimny for the Long Road 

For most Suzuki Jimny owners planning an overland trip, the overwhelming concern comes down to packing your Suzuki Jimny, fitting in all of your gear and maximising usage of the limited space available without overloading the vehicle. Despite his small size, you’d be surprised by the amount of gear that we managed to fit into our Suzuki Jimny after removing the back seats, putting in a flat-bottom and adding a flat roof rack. If in need of some inspiration take a look at the list below. 
Packed in the back of the vehicle:
  1. Dive bag containing two full sets of gear including BCDs, regulators, wetsuites and fins.
  2. 40 liter fridge 
  3. 6 liter water purifier
  4. 1 x large trommel for kitchen utensils
  5. 2 x medium trommels for food items
  6. Light weight 3-man ground tent
  7. Bag containing inflatable hiking mattresses, bedding, sleeping bags and pillows
  8. 2 x backpacks containing clothes and personal items
  9. 2 x toiletry bags (1 monster sized, 1 normal sized)
  10. First aid kit and medical box
  11. Vehicle fix-it box and basic vehicle recovery gear
  12. Air compressor
  13. 2 x boxes of fly-fishing gear
  14. 7 x fishing rods
  15. Bag for camera, laptop, GoPro and electronics
  16. Yoga mat

Strapped to Jimny’s roof rack:

  1. 50 liter water canister
  2. 2 x 20 liter petrol jerry cans 
  3. 3 liter gas bottle
  4. Braai grid
  5. 2 x camping chairs
  6. 1 foldable/rollable camping table
  7. Air jack 
  8. Charcoal/fire-wood 

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